The Beauty Cloud’s Guide to Festival Hair

Fesitval Season can be a tricky one for us ladies when it comes to keeping those tresses tamed, so I’ve come up with an easy 4-Day guide to easy-to-manage hairstyles to ensure you stay looking gorgeous the whole time.


Festival Hair says one thing to me Bohemian Glamour!!

4 Day Festival Hair Guide, House of Fraser, Hair Care, Products Aveda, Tierry Mugler, Chloe Anderson, JW Anderson, Belfast, Ireland, Hair, Beauty, Style

Curls and waves created by spritzing on AVEDA ‘BE CURLY’ ENHANCING SPRAY, then curling by patting GHD‘s over pin-curls formed by wrapping hair around 3-4 fingers giving unique curls and waves of all sizes and shapes. By using the ‘Be Curly’ and GHD’s this will give curls that will last and drop into soft waves in 3-4 days.


4 Day Festival Hair Guide, House of Fraser, Hair Care, Products Aveda, Tierry Mugler, Chloe Anderson, JW Anderson, Belfast, Ireland, Hair, Beauty, Style
Curls have dropped and dressed through naturally giving tousled informal curls and waves. If you have any frizzing, 2-3 spritz of Be Curly Spray again will tame it down.

Lift the front of your brow with a plait creating a practical but kooky twist to the look.


4 Day Festival Hair Guide, House of Fraser, Hair Care, Products Aveda, Tierry Mugler, Chloe Anderson, JW Anderson, Belfast, Ireland, Hair, Beauty, Style

By now the curls have relaxed into irregular waves. Scoop the hair back off your face with two effortless plaits joining into one creating some boho chic.

If our festival babes are feeling a tad un-fresh a mist of TIERRY MULGER ANGEL PERFUMING HAIR MIST will have you feeling as fresh as a daisy!


4 Day Festival Hair Guide, House of Fraser, Hair Care, Products Aveda, Tierry Mugler, Chloe Anderson, JW Anderson, Belfast, Ireland, Hair, Beauty, Style

Continuing on with some bang on-trend plaits simply just pull hair all to one side, letting shorter layers drop softly then plait loosely into a two-strand plait creating a fishtail, giving a Boho finale to our festival style!!

Hair by: Gillian Douglas-Rea / Make-up by: Nuala Campbell

Article by Gillian Douglas-Rea
Gillian has been writing for The Beauty Cloud since way back at 25th April 2012! You can follow more of Gillian’s work on Facebook. Any questions, email

Celebrity Nail Watch: Vanessa Hudgens

Instagram #NAILARTI don’t know about you guys but I am totally addicted to Instagram.  Every chance I get I am on there! It doesn’t matter where I am; whether it is in the dentist’s waiting room or lying in bed at night (my boyfriend always shouts at me for my late night insta-creeping… oops!) – I just can’t help myself from refreshing my Instagram feed.

I especially love the pictures that ‘Instagramer’s’ share of their fave new fashion trends, beauty buys and their fresh new mani’s and pedi’s.

When I am stuck for artistic inspiration I can get some great ideas for nail art simply at the swipe of a finger.

Mani’s & pedi’s are staying white hot this summer

Both mani’s & pedi’s are staying white hot this summer in the fashion industry.

Nail art has become a big part of how celebrities and style icons express themselves, with new ideas and trends constantly emerging.  No outfit is complete these days without a striking manicure.

Some fashionista’s in particular are paving the way in the manicure-style-stakes. I love to see what they’re wearing on their nails just as much as what they are wearing on their gloriously groomed & toned celebrity bodies.

So, I thought I would start documenting my findings for you guys to have a nosy at… just like a nail tech version of David Attenborough I suppose…

Vanessa Hudgens, Spingbreaker’s actress, manicure trend setterMy ultimate bohemian nail art crush is Spingbreaker’s actress Vanessa Hudgens. I adore her hippy-chic fashion sense and the way she is always pushing boundaries and trying new things.  I love checking her Instagram to get a look at her latest manicure – always guaranteed to be super snazzy.

4Vanessa is a big fan of the lengthy almond shaped nail extensions, adorned with various multimedia bits & bobs.

Britney Tokyo nail designs using glitter and small pictures

Britney Tokyo Nails

Gel and acrylic are like clear cement – you can encase anything small enough within them from tiny little pictures, lace, glitter, feathers, etc.  The possibilities are endless for anyone brave enough.

I know for sure that I couldn’t cope with such long extensions on my own hands on a day-to-day basis – due to my job and the fact that I struggle to get my face cream out of its jar when my nails are even a tiny bit long – but I would certainly love to recreate a few of Vanessa’s recent nail art escapades.

Naomi Yasuda Nails

Naomi Yasuda Nails

Each of the more extravagant sets of nails can take anywhere up to 3hours (or more) to complete by a super talented nail artist with an incredibly steady hand.  Vanessa is a big fan of two nail techs in particular, Britney Tokyo and Naomi Yasuda.

Both of these amazingly talented artists were born in Japan and now work between New York and California.  Between the pair of them they have styled more sets of nails for various different major celebs than I have had hot dinners… They are living the Nail Tech dream!

You can find me on my own personal Instagram at Feel free to let me know of any hot new nail trends you have spotted on Instagram or just drop by to say hello.

Keep your eyes peeled for my future Celebrity Nail Watch posts!

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email or find her on Facebook

Getting Sizzling Summer Hair: Top Tips

Woo hoo! It’s holi-bob time again.  If you’re looking the perfect barnet to keep you looking glam in the sun and heat, look know further.  Here are my top summer styles that will keep you looking fabulous rain or shine.
Long Hair
My top tip for long hair is to put it up.  This way you can maintain effortless style even when the heat is up. There are 3 up-styles trending this summer that will give you the perfect look while you lounge around the pool.
1. The Low PonytailLow ponytail with volumeThe low ponytail has featured on several big name runways this season.  To achieve this look, slick your hair back when it is slightly damp to get a great smooth finish then pull it into the nape of your neck and secure.  If you want a more professional finish, take some hair out of the ponytail and wrap it around the hair band to hide it, securing under the ponytail with a clip.  This looks can be achieved in a couple of minutes meaning more time in the sun!
2. Plaits
Plaits are the next hot look this season. They are very versatile and can be worn anywhere.
For a casual daytime, look pull hair to the side and softy plait.
Victoria Beckham side braid
For a more elegant evening style, plait around the top or around the front of the head.
Plait around the top or around the front of the head
For an extra snazzy look, try a two strand fishtail plait!
Two strand fishtail plait
3. The Bun
Michelle-Keegan Bun Donut
The celeb bun, as sported by the likes of Michelle Keegan, can be achieved with a foolproof bun donut (available to buy everywhere).  Just pop your hair in a ponytail, positioned on the head where you want the bun, then slip the donut over the ponytail.  Next, wrap the hair around the donut, tucking in the ends underneath and securing as needed.  Hey presto, instant glamour!
Short and Mid Length Hair
Rita Ora_Slicked Back Hair
For short and mid length hair the tip is keep it simple,  slick it down either in a parting, giving a 1920’s feel, or slick it all back as Rita Ora did on the red carpet not so long ago. To keep it slicked down, use a protection gel or cream that will give you style and protection in one chic swoop!
Whatever you venture with you hair this summer have some voguish fun in the sun!
Article by Gillian Douglas-Rea
Gillian has been writing for The Beauty Cloud since way back at 25th April 2012! You can follow more of Gillian’s work on Facebook. Any questions, email

Full moon, Half-moon… Total Eclipse!

It has always been my go-to nail art.  It’s so quick & easy, yet the end result always oozes high maintenance chic!  The half-moon manicure has been around since the 1920’s, along with a blood red lipstick the ladies of fashion back in those days also loved some foxy red nails.  The style has varied throughout the years; the first half moon manicure was painted with only one nail polish, leaving the half-moon blank with no polish at all.  This style eventually evolved in the 1940’s & it then became fashionable to also leave a French tip blank at the free edge of the nail as well as the half moon.  As seen below in an amazingly retro Cutex advert.

Cutex Polish

As with all fashion and style nail art has not been left behind, our techniques and products are continually progressing along with the style of nail art we are choosing to apply.  However, this manicure has held its position as one of the top dogs and most popular styles to date.

Nowadays we are spoilt for choice and we can now mix things up a bit; using more than one colour of polish for the body of the nail and also the half-moon/French tip detailing and we also have the luxury of thousands of different shades of nail polish, picking a colour according to our mood or what the weather is like outside.  This is why this manicure is so versatile, once you have ‘nailed’ painting the half-moon shape (pardon the pun) you can go crazy and mix ’ n ’ match lots of different colours and polishes to create nails for all different occasions!

This is where I let you all in on a little shortcut to the perfect half-moon shape.  This technique doesn’t need a steady hand or even a talent for painting nails.  Just slap the polish on and away you go!  I even found this amazing tutorial online that walks you through the manicure step by step.

Half Moon Manicure

So begin by choosing your two colours of polish.  You can opt for a metallic and coral combo… or a red and fuchsia colour blocking combo… or a monochrome black and white combo… the possibilities are literally endless!

  1. Once the difficult task of picking your colour scheme is complete, start by preparing your nails as I explained in my previous post & apply your base coat.
  2. On top of your base coat apply the colour you want your half-moon to be – only apply one layer of this polish.  Allow it to dry for 5 minutes…

…This is where things get interesting!

  1. You know those little annoying white circular sticker things you always had kicking about at the bottom of your school bag but never really had a use for? (I think their technical term is actually ‘hole reinforcements’… naughty!) Well these are the key to the perfect half-moon! Stick one of these little stickers on each of your nails, just below your cuticle at whatever depth you want your half-moon to be & make sure the edges are all stuck down tight to your nail plate.
  2. Now apply your second colour of polish.  Getting right up to the edge of the sticker on your nail, making sure the whole nail plate is evenly covered – don’t be afraid to paint over the edge of the sticker!  Depending on the consistency of your nail polish this may require two coats.  Leave your nails for 10 to 15 minutes… relax, maybe watch a bit of E! Fashion Police or have a cuppa… just be careful not to smudge!
  3. Once you are sure the polish is adequately dried you can now begin the delicate procedure of ever so slowly peeling off the little stickers from each of your nails.
  4. Et Voila! The perfect half-moon manicure is now complete & you did it all by yourself!!  All you need to do now is apply a super shiny topcoat & treat your cuticles to a slathering of oil.

Half Moon Manicure

It really couldn’t be any easier and it looks fabulous.  One of my all-time favourites!  I hope you all enjoy recreating your own 1920’s inspired half-moon manicures at home, be sure to let me know how it goes.

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email or find her on Facebook

The Perfect Wedding Dress Myth Exposed

This month I wanted to write about something that I’m sure might ruffle a few feathers and that the wedding magazine industry probably won’t like. I want to dispel this myth, and the associated pressure, of there being ‘the one’ perfect wedding dress and a ‘magical’ moment when you find it!  I’ve noticed it a lot in bridal magazines – they like to talk about how you’ll ‘just know’ when you find your wedding dress, but in my experience this doesn’t happen very often, and creating and pushing this expectation is unrealistic, unfair and dangerous.

Trying to find the perfect wedding dress










I’ve succumbed to it myself – I’m sure past adverts on our website have referred to it, but after nine years in the industry I can see that it is kind of bullsh*t. The whole bridal industry is centred around trying to help girls track down the elusive, heaven sent, perfect dress! But in reality there are any number of gowns that would be brilliant options for each bride, it really is just about coming to the point where you feel like you’ve seen enough options and are happy to purchase the one you’re standing in.

Fairytale wedding dress

There isn’t any other garment so over analysed as the wedding dress, so describing that moment of finding it in fairytale-esque terms just puts even more pressure on what should be a fun and easy process. It’s kind of ridiculous if you think about it.  I have witnessed this fallacy ruin the bridal shopping experience for so many girls. It frustrates me so much to see a girl stand in a dress staring at her reflection, clearly loving what she sees, who then decides that this dress cannot possibly be ‘the one’ because her mum hasn’t cried and she doesn’t have butterflies!

Butterflies in your stomach moment

Now don’t get me wrong, plenty of girls have that exact reaction but they are few and far between. And for those girls who haven’t and won’t have it, hearing about it just makes them feel like there is something wrong with them or that they haven’t fully had a bridal experience, that somehow they’ve been short-changed. Can you imagine how it must feel to be trying on wedding dresses and waiting for this fabled moment where the heavens will open and the angels sing! Wedding dresses aren’t magical, and waiting for one to make you cry or feel like a bride is one of the most unfair pressures to put on yourself. I’ve witnessed friends – rational sensible girls – crumble under this ridiculous pressure and ultimately taint their experience of trying on pretty dresses.

So please girls, as part of your preparation to try on wedding dresses, take a step back and see that the only important thing about wedding dresses is that you like it! I really want to see girls approach wedding dress shopping with way less pressure – don’t let the ‘perfect wedding’ bullies ruin it for you.

Article by Catherine Massey

Catherine has been writing Bi-Weekly Article for us since the 8th May 2012 and is our very talented Bridal Specialist. Catherine is a Bridal Stylist for their family Bridal Boutique, Cathedral Gowns. Find them onlineat or on Facebook.

Any questions, email

Make-up of the Day – 10/7/14 – World Cup Inspired

Hi everyone!

So I am back from my holidays. I spent almost 2 weeks camping around France in Thunder and Lightening Storms, needless to say, there was very little make-up applied during my time away. I feel like I need to explain this so you will understand why I just went a bit bonkers for my makeup of the day today!  I needed a Makeup overload.

As the end of the World Cup is drawing close, I just thought I would throw something together a little Brazil inspired! I reckon you should maybe pop on your sunshades before scrolling down :)

Products used to create the look are:

  • Collection 2000 Colour Pop Palette
  • Inglot Yellow Eyeshadow
  • Collection 2000 Pencils in Green and Blue
  • Barry M Gold Dust
  • MAC Cosmetics Chromaline in Black
  • Katie Perry Eyelashes (Punk Princess)
  • Illamasqua Sealing Gel

Here you go! Here is my MOTD.


Nailing the Unconventional: Nails by Mei

Mei KawajiriI am constantly browsing the web, keeping an eye on nail art addicted celebs and their amazingly talented nail technicians to find out what the latest colours and trends are.  Whilst browsing Instagram a wee while ago I came across an insanely talented Japanese artist called Mei Kawajiri.

Mei is based in New York and is now one of the most sought after nail artists in the fashion industry, splitting her time between her regular clients and high end fashion, editorial and photographic nail appointments.

Her style of Nail Art is like nothing I’ve ever seen before and nothing I could ever imagine being able to do myself.  She doesn’t use any stencils, stickers or stampers.  Everything is intricately hand painted and each individual set of nails are like a piece of fine art.

Nails by Mei

Her work has been showcased in the likes of Teen Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week to name just a few of her latest projects.

Nails by Mei

Mei takes inspiration from literally everywhere!  Still life objects, musicians, geometric patterns, high end fashion designers, food, nature… The list goes on!  She sculpts many of her designs using different types of gel, giving the nails unusual and unconventional shapes.

Nails by Mei 3

Although some of her nails aren’t suitable for us ladies during our everyday lives I just can’t help but admire her innovative nail art designs and how she can turn a simple bunch of flowers or plate of sushi into a beautiful set of nails.

Nails by Mei

If you want to keep up to date on Mei’s latest nail art escapades you can follow her on Instagram @nailsbymei or find all of her work on her Tumblr

If you have any favourite nail artists you think I would like to take a look at, whether they are your local Beauty Salon or an international nail technician to the stars, be sure to let me know!

Article by Louise Henry

Louise joined The Beauty Cloud team in May 2014 as our Nail expert.  She is a fully trained & qualified Nail Technician running her own little nail bar in Bangor, The Nail Room at Salon75. 

Any questions, email or find her on Facebook